We must learn more of each other
Stabroek News
March 25, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I am glad that you published the letter [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] from Mr Prince Michael and the reply by Dr Kimani Nehusi. The reply was instructive and deals effectively with the mischief and disinformation, which the majority of Guyanese seem to accept as a truism. Your paper must be commended.

Knowledge of ourselves and those around us is exceedingly important if we are to help create an environment for a safe, stable and caring society. I hope, therefore, that Guyanese of every category will take the opportunity to read that reply. It is thorough and analytical, but beyond that, one would ask, after all this, what happened to the Africans? Very simple, they were a very trusting people and were exploited and destroyed by the more aggressive, and material oriented groups.

In an address at the function hosted by the Descendants of Africans last Sunday, I reminded the assembly that in the year one thousand (1000) the Europeans lived frugal and backward lives. Their chaotic political institutions did not suggest that within the other one thousand years, they would rule the world, but they did.

The Europeans did this by using initiative, courage, the oceans and technologies that they themselves did not invent, but were able to develop and put to use for their own advantage.

These were:

The Stern Post Rudder, The Magnetic Compass, The fore and aft rig and of course, Gun Powder, all borrowed from the Chinese and Africa itself.

These combined with their penchant to control vaulted them within one thousand years to the position of power and privilege.

The other facility, which they used with great dexterity, is transmitting information selectively. It is this that poses the greatest danger to the world.

During World War 2 The German propaganda Minister 'Joseph Goebbels' taught the world that something repeated often enough gains currency and the listener soon repeats it as if it were Gospel Truth.

I believe that Mr Michael believed that he was writing the truth and not a falsehood. He must be forgiven. We must use the truth to bind us together for the more we know of each other, the more we can develop mutual respect and understanding, without which, phrases such as One People, One Nation, One Destiny will remain as empty words. But with this knowledge, we can move to the higher plateau of love, mutual respect and peace.

Yours faithfully,

Hamilton Green, J.P. Mayor