Letters on: Ethnicity, Multiculturalism, & Race

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  1. Ethnic pluralism was propagated in colonial times to ensure hierarchical advantage
  2. Declare a National Forgiveness Day
  3. Six Head Lewis' achievement a triumph for race relations
  4. The ethnic problem is still not well understood
  5. I have no ethnic allegiances, Mr. Ellis
  6. The establishment of one's racial identity does not preclude friendship with all groups
  7. Indians frequently criticise each other
  8. Some refuse to be imprisoned in racial insecurity
  9. Indo Guyanese can join fully in Emancipation Day
  10. It is all about being confident and proud about who we are as we set out to create a nation
  11. The West Indian identity usually refers to a particular group
  12. African Guyanese are in disarray, special measures suggested
  13. Dialogue on ethnic matters must be frank but based on mutual respect
  14. Fashioning a national identity
  15. Our culture is a whole and living entity
  16. We are seven different families trying to find ways of living together
  17. Indian ethnicity is an integral part of what it means to be West Indian
  18. The issue is ethnic insecurity
  19. The ethnic thing should not be the main issue
  20. An appropriate acronym for Guyanese
  21. The implications are staggering
  22. Race, party and politics in Guyana - an overview
  23. Calling for reparations
  24. A beast that asks no quarter, and gives none
  25. We need a race relations committee
  26. Multiculturalism is the answer, accommodation with assimilation
  27. Respect the ethnicity of others
  28. We could just settle for one race - human
  29. Like the Americans, we should unite to rebuild
  30. It is important for all groups to be who they are
  31. Descendants of indentured labourers have long since transcended the hardships of the past
  32. We too could overcome
  33. Salad dish not cook-up rice
  34. Ethnocentric beauty pageants
  35. Achievers must be justly recognized
  36. Unity in diversity
  37. We need to recognise and appreciate our plurality
  38. Leaders of multi-racial societies must have the people's trust
  39. Racial voting trends
  40. Bakr's article does not advance discussion on race and culture
  41. The truth is seldom pure and never simple
  42. This is not an ethnic issue
  43. The two party ethnic division is the sickness of the society
  44. Crude and contemptible
  45. Mr Haslyn Parris's story highlighted the absurdity of racial prejudice, Dr Mc Donald's novel captures the angst suffered by an individual and an era
  46. Racial distaste
  47. "Coolie Tom Puss" under fire
  48. Deeply upset by this short story
  49. Rules of engagement
  50. No literary merit in “Coolie Tom Puss”
  51. A good editor is aware of ethics, principles and moral obligations
  52. Regulations are important
  53. There is not a word in Parris's story that is insulting to Indians
  54. Words that wound
  55. Why not a local baby?
  56. I support Mr. Sukdeo's critique of Mr. Parris's story
  57. Inclusiveness is not a slogan
  58. Absurd criticism
  59. How can this be defended?
  60. Stop the verbal wrangling
  61. Remembering Little Black Boy
  62. Sensitive words
  63. Much can be learnt from Canadian multiculturalism
  64. Multiculturalism in Canada
  65. We need to know more about each other
  66. I make no apologies for extolling the virtues of Canadian multiculturalism
  67. I never advocated relying on an African racial plurality for electoral success
  68. Many Guyanese were acquainted with Bhojpuri Hindi
  69. Prevention of Discrimination Act has become a dead letter
  70. We must learn more of each other
  71. A resurgence of xenoracism
  72. Bhojpuri is a cousin dialect of Hindi
  73. African not Black
  74. If I were President I would promote more integration of the races
  75. We have to see each other as kith and kin
  76. President Jagdeo is committed to racial unity
  77. Let us urgently re-establish lines of communication
  78. Recipe for disaster
  79. What has happened in Guyana?
  80. What does exclusion from political power mean?
  81. Stabroek News ignored Indian Arrival Day
  82. Government unwilling to confront the ethnic problem
  83. The marginalising of Indian artists continues
  84. Sentiments expressed in letter did imply a slur
  85. Afro-Guyanese have unfettered access to the centres of power
  86. Slavery and indentureship were not similar in nature
  87. The politicians have to address the ethnic security dilemmas of the African and Indian communities
  88. Ethnic emotions are being pulled asunder
  89. Where is the evidence of marginalisation?
  90. A display of racial and political bias
  91. Deeply disturbed by violence
  92. No racial slur intended
  93. Are we ready to challenge the myths and stereotypes created by a few?
  94. Why is 'Singh' such a common name in Guyana when there are no Sikhs here?
  95. When will Indian Arrival Day be declared a national holiday?
  96. Sad time
  97. Head of State must be careful with ethnic identity remarks
  98. We should all be proud of our ancestry
  99. Why shouldn't the President like all other Guyanese be proud of his ancestry?
  100. If only we could forgive and forget
  101. Federalism is not utopian
  102. An empirical study is needed to ascertain the extent of ethnic polarisation
  103. The evidence of ethnic polarisation is clear
  104. Racists have no place in civilized society
  105. Phagwah celebrations showed we are all one Guyanese people
  106. A key player in Chinese emigration to British Guiana
  107. Indian Arrivals Day would honour the fortitude of the immigrants