Deeply disturbed by violence To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
May 27, 2002

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With my deep love of Guyana, I am writing this letter. I have been reading about the recent spate of atrocities that is being carried out in Guyana. It is touching me to the core to know what is going on in Guyana. In fact, I am moved to tears as I write this letter, having read the

Newspaper and learnt that another innocent person has lost his life.

I am Indo-Guyanese but I have many Afro-Guyanese friends. In fact, my best friend in high school was Afro-Guyanese. I remember him coming to our home and eating curry and roti. He called my mother affectionately "Mai" (exactly what I called my mother). We grew up with lots of respect for each other. We also studied together.

I personally respect all my Afro-Guyanese brothers. I am positive, deep down in our hearts, the majority of Indo-Guyanese and Afro-Guyanese respect each other. My humble request to both my Indo-Guyanese and my Afro-Guyanese brothers is to please help to maintain peace and harmony and stop this bloodshed of innocent people. Whether we are black or brown, the color of our blood is red. Deep down in our hearts, we all would like the best for Guyana, both for the present and the future.

I am imploring the following individuals, from the depth of my heart, for the sake of our beloved "Dear Land of Guyana".

Mr. Hoyte: Please, without any reservations, tell the elements to stop this bloodshed to innocent people immediately. From what I have been reading in the news, it would appear that the criminals who are perpetrating these heinous crimes are taking instructions from Congress Place. Every sector of Guyana is being affected including tourism, which is a major source of foreign currency that Guyana needs so badly. Workers morale both in the private and public sector is extremely low.

Mr. Jagdeo: Please tell your Police to avoid killing anyone at all costs. If a suspect is cornered, do not kill him or her. With good negotiating skills and a well-trained negotiator, miracles can happen. Please let your police try it; it worked successfully in other parts of the world! Both Indo- and Afro-Guyanese are going through tough times in Guyana, both emotionally and financially. The plague of terror in Guyana at this time cannot be truly put in words.

There is no doubt in my mind that both you, Mr. Hoyte and Mr. Jadeo, have the best interests for Guyana. Our children depend on you for their future. In fact, they are writing the CXC at this time under extremely difficult circumstances. How can they do their best since they are traumatized under the present circumstances. Please help them realize their dream to be future productive citizens of Guyana where both Indo- and Afro-Guyanese can live together to fulfill the true meaning of our motto "One People, One Nation, One Destiny".

May God, be it Lord Krishna or Jesus, bless both you fine gentlemen.
Prem Singh