Profound sadness
Guyana Chronicle
April 4, 2002

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A profound sadness overcame me as I read of the slaying of Police Superintendent Leon Fraser. This sadness stems not from the loss of a friend or an associate, for I have never met Superintendent Fraser nor was he aware of my existence. Rather, it stems from the loss of a comrade in the battle to build a forward-looking and progressive Guyana. Beyond doubt, Superintendent Fraser's actions epitomized his patriotic fervour.

You would agree that it is the coercive capacity of the state that holds it together. The Police Force is one of the arms that constitutes the state's coercive capacity. Without the likes of agents such as Superintendent Fraser, the artificial construction we celebrate as the "nation-state" would soon implode. To Superintendent Fraser's detractors I therefore say that the seeming peace and security you enjoy is, inter alia, built on the blood, sweat and tears of the many Frasers of the Guyana Police Force (GPF). To members of the GPF I say continue the good fight of your comrade. We, the public, recognize and support you in your nation building endeavor - that is, the uphold of law and order. To the Government I say remunerate all agents of the state (public servants) fairly. They deserve so much more. Without them little would be left of Beautiful Guyana.

This brings me to Mr. Bertwald Bradshaw's letter in the Stabroek News dated April 02, 2002 captioned "This cop should have been dismissed" which dealt with the alleged misconduct on the part of a Police Officer in the investigations in the murder of Albouystown businessman Errol "Taps" Butcher. I share Mr. Bradshaw's sentiments. This Officer should have been sent home, instead of being transferred to another division of the GPF, pending a full investigation into the allegations against him. If the allegations are found to be true then he should be summarily dismissed from the GPF. A corrupt officer not only brings disrepute to the GPF but also endangers and cheapens the lives of his fellow Officers.
Adisa Jay.