Integrity and credibility problem
Guyana Chronicle
April 4, 2002

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I was absolutely intrigued and fascinated by the obvious mental contortions that Alvin Jones had to go through in writing his letter published in Stabroek News of April 1st, 2002 under the caption “ Trotman is the right choice for leader.’’ [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ]

He states in his second paragraph “Let me say at the outset that I am one who cannot find myself supporting any political party which in my judgement is not in the interest of all Guyanese. That being the case, I cannot find myself supporting the PPP/C because they are not governing this country fairly and competently.’’ And with that he dismisses the PPP/C, which was probably his intention in the first place.

But let’s go on to the jokes now. “ I am looking to support a political party that is capable of governing for all of Guyana, with fresh new ideas and leadership.’’

He says that past elections won by the PNC have been said to be irregular {to put it diplomatically} and as a young man he can understand how others felt at being cheated.

In reference to a letter by Ms. Naomi Hopkinson in which she mentioned the names of prospective leaders of the PNC, Alvin Jones says that they all have excellent intellectual and leadership credentials but all of them were top PNC officials and are thereby tainted and unacceptable for leadership.

He proposes Mr. Raphael Trotman who is one of the many young persons who joined the party in an attempt to change its image according to him. As he says no other member of the PNC executive is more suited at this time than Mr. Trotman.

But Alvin Jones goes on to say that “ the old stalwarts will be invaluable in assisting the new leader to reorganize and revitalize the party structure.’’ In other words what he is saying is that the same people whom he previously dismissed as tainted and unacceptable for leadership, “ will be invaluable in assisting the new leader’’ that is of the PNC which was also obviously his choice of party and was probably his intention in the first place.

It is obvious that concerns about the integrity and credibility of the PNC and its leaders present a lot of problems to young people.
Marian Atkins