Urgent upgrading of English pronunciation required on newscasts
Stabroek News
November 6, 2001

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Dear Editor,

As a follow up to RJ Eleazer's letter captioned "Three not tree" [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] which raised questions of mispronunciation by radio and TV announcers (03.11.01) I wish to further advise journalistic quacks (a term used by retired Brigadier David Granger to describe the multitudes of media workers), do not use unanimous when you should use anonymous.

Project should be pronounced as 'pro-ject' and not 'pro-jec'. It is not a rule of the English language to automatically drop the t's at the end of words ending with same.

It may be excusable for the man in the street to do this but for journalistic quacks, especially news anchors, to consistently blunder in this way is completely inexcusable. All the newscasts (news casts not news cass) are guilty, however I find the GTV Six O Clock news to be the greater culprit, particularly Mr Rabindra Persaud. Who allowed this person to badger our ears nightly certainly has zero education in the field (I refrain from using 'art') of journalism.

I am no expert of the English language but it pains me to have to listen to these ignorant journalistic quacks bludgeon and disrespect our native tongue on a nightly basis. This is more than pitiful, indeed it is shameful and embarrassing.

One must commend Ms Natasha Waldron for her attempts (not attempts) to maintain some semblance of proper pronunciation. She certainly stands out as one of the better, if indeed not the best, anchor in local broadcast news. Why there seems to be an attempt to phase her out with Andrea Seelochan is beyond me.

The sports news anchor of the 6 O Clock News should be immediately enrolled in a basic English language usage class. He, like almost every other individual parading with a press pass in Guyana ought to be also immediately rushed to the Communications Center UG. It may not be the best programme in the world but it certainly would teach them a thing or two about what is news and writing news stories. It is also a guarantee that they would be taught the difference between writing for print media and broadcast media. Oh yes! There is a difference! Wow, how revealing!

Take a loan, go to UG. Enlighten your minds. Arrogance and a demonstrably haughty attitude will get you nothing but the scorn of sensible people.

Yours faithfully

R. Trotman