Many residents affected by l995 spill are prepared to accept $40,000
Stabroek News
October 4, 2001

Dear Editor,

I wish to respond to Mr Francis Simon's letter [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] in the Stabroek News of 22.9.200l. In l999 I had the opportunity with a group to visit these riverain areas - Bartica, Agatash, Simiri, Goshen and Riversview on the Essequibo with respect to the residents who had alleged that they were affected by the spillage in 1995. On 17.7.99 Mr A Hendricks' letter to the Stabroek News was published, where he said that over 300 residents wanted to settle claims with Omai." He further stated that he along with others had signed their names to accept the sum of $40,000 each. He claimed that when they contacted Omai about the delay in payment, the company said that their lawyer was negotiating for them.

Mr Hendricks said that Omai was always working along with the various riverain communities, and that they had sent in a medical team and had donated black tanks.

I wish to state here very briefly that on September l5, 1999 myself and Dr Vibert and Mrs Philomena Sahoye-Shury along with their invitees witnessed the opening of the health centre, well-stocked with medical supplies which was handed over to the Rockstone community. A trailer tractor and outboard motor spares were presented where various communities benefited.

I am in total disagreement with Mr Francis Simon rallying support for Dr Gustav Jackson. Does Dr Jackson have any credible and authentic proof that he is a leader of an indigenous group and is therefore authorised to represent the riverain residents? Can he tell us who he is the leader of and which organisation he represents and what are his functions? Was he living in the area at the time of the spillage? Then where did he come from?

Yours faithfully,

S Mohamed Kalamadeen

Chief Executive Officer

MACIZO Gold/Diamond Mining Company