How long do we have to wait for better compensation?
Stabroek News
September 22, 2001

Dear Editor,

I am really worried about our payment from Omai Gold Mines Limited. I was one who had suffered when the spill occurred in 1995. Up until now Omai is making excuses. We have one Dr Gustav Jackson who is visiting us regularly; he said he is seeking US$100M as compensation. We understand that Omai lost the case in Canada, and the Omai matter will be filed in the High Court of Georgetown. We have been advised not to take the mere $40,000 which Omai has agreed to pay, but what I am worried about is that nearly five years have passed. How much longer do we have to wait? Must we wait until the matter is ready in the High Court in Guyana?

We are calling for full support for Dr Gustav Jackson who I believe is the best person to help us in the search for better compensation.

Yours faithfully,

Francis Simon

Editor's note

Omai did not lose the case in Canada; the court there decided it had no jurisdiction to hear the case. Presumably that is why you have been advised to file a case in the local high court. Even when that it is done, however, it might take quite a long time before there is a hearing, and the court hands down a decision in the matter.