[October 6, 1997]

Dear Sir,

I write on behalf of the students at the University of Guyana. It is extremely sad to note that each academic year we are required to pay a great deal of money to U.G. for our education there, and have to study under such `harsh' conditions.

The first issue that I would like to raise is that of seating in the classrooms. For almost every class in most faculties (especially Social Sciences) we have to literally fetch chairs from other classrooms to accommodate students.

The washroom facilities available for students' use are not fit for this purpose. I do not remember the last day I saw one properly cleaned. Can someone tell us where does all the money that we pay go?

The building in which many classes are held is in bad need of repairs - I mean major repairs. Lighting is extremely bad, and some classes have to be cancelled because of poor lighting. One prime example is the A30 classroom in one of the technology buildings: there is not one lamp there that lights.

Mr Hoyte has promised that if he gets into power he will abolish fee-paying. If he comes to office, U. G. students will hold Mr Hoyte to his word. We prefer not to pay all the large sums from our pockets, than to pay and still have to endure such conditions. In fact, I am told that conditions were better when there were no fees!

Yours faithfully
Mark Singh