Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj

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  1. Gajraj admits meeting controversial figures, denies other connection
    December 21, 2003

  2. Gajraj: Killing squad offer mere allegation
    January 10, 2004

  3. Minister Gajraj denies knowledge of alleged 'phantom gang' killings
    January 10, 2004

  4. Minister Gajraj talks to BBC Caribbean Report
    January 15, 2004

  5. President, Corbin face off on the Gajraj issue
    April 9, 2004

  6. Gajraj goes ballistic over death squad allegations
    April 16, 2004

  7. Ramsammy hails Gajraj death squad rebuttal

  8. Crime, national security top Govt. priorities this year

  9. Guyana 'hit squad' row offer

  10. Death squad allegations:Gajraj offers to go on leave to allow inquiry

  11. Gajraj asks President for 'impartial' probe of death squad claims

  12. A statement by the Hon. Ronald Gajraj, MP, Minister of Home Affairs

  13. Gajraj statement: Reactions guarded, approving

  14. Gajraj had requested inquiry last month
    May 11, 2004

  15. President Jagdeo knew Gajraj wanted inquiry four weeks ago -government source
    May 11, 2004

  16. Gajraj welcomes President's appointment of Commission of Inquiry
    May 16, 2004

  17. Gajraj proceeds on leave
    July 3, 2004

  18. Gajraj proceeds on leave
    July 3, 2004

  19. On leave Gajraj not barred from visiting ministry - Luncheon
    July 8, 2004

  20. Minister Gail Teixeira is Acting Minister of Home Affairs
    July 18, 2004

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