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  1. Guyana's bauxite produced great wealth for Alcoa
  2. Short-term plan needed to relieve rice debt burden
  3. The country needs open debate, constructive action and creative leadership
  4. There needs to be a different attitude towards our timber industry
  5. The l995 spill case is currently in the high court
  6. Many residents affected by l995 spill are prepared to accept $40,000
  7. Aroaima rescue plan will not be cash neutral as President suggests
  8. No bauxite operation has been profitable in Guyana since the nationalisation of Demba
  9. Our bauxite companies have only been surviving with government help
  10. Bauxite workers at Linden remember December ll, l976
  11. People need to think to improve
  12. Suggestions for improving the rice industry
  13. Local rice industry under pressure from falling prices
  14. Government has a 'patchwork' approach to rice industry
  15. Rice industry should seek technical assistance
  16. Bermine has not been profitable since l980
  17. Situation of Bermine workers a consequence of PNC neglect