Thirty-seven prison officers disciplined in 2005 over abuse
Stabroek News
May 13, 2007

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Some 37 prison officers were disciplined in 2005 for using unnecessary violence against prisoners while only three were disciplined last year based on the results of investigations of abuse, Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee said. Rohee also pointed out that eight officers were disciplined in 2004 based on the said reports. The minister was at the time answering questions posed by PNCR MP Volda Lawrence who had asked how many reports of abuse were received against members of staff of the prison service and how many officers were disciplined based on those reports.

Rohee said all reports of abuse are investigated to determine their truthfulness and disciplinary proceedings are instituted as deemed necessary based on same. He said the numbers listed represent those officers who were adjudicated and sanctioned for using unnecessary violence against prisoners. The sanctions include reprimand and recommended dismissals from the service and they were implemented.