Mobiles banned from classes
Stabroek News
April 21, 2007

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The Education Ministry yesterday declared a ban on the use of cell phones during classroom sessions and has told teachers to lead by example.

And should a student be found using a cell-phone or any similar gadget or device during a class session or students assembly, that student will be suspended for a minimum of three days in the first instance, the Government Information Agency (GINA) quoted minister Shaik Baksh as saying during a press conference yesterday.

That release said too that the minister said the ban was in keeping with the ministry's mandate to ensure that all students benefit from the maximum instructional time allocated for each school day.

The prohibition also allows for a student to be suspended if found leaving a classroom session to use his/her cell phone.

GINA said too that the minister noted that all schools would be given 'No cell usage' signs to display prominently.

Early last month, the ministry had announced that students would not be allowed to use cell phones in classrooms with effect from the new school term in April.

GINA said the ministry's decision to prohibit the use of mobile phones followed reports of students' indiscriminate use of the instrument during class sessions. Baksh had said that the situation was becoming a problem in schools countrywide and the Ministry intended to curb the trend. The GINA release said too that prior to this decision, the ministry held consultations with heads and deputy heads of schools in Georgetown and a consensus was reached to implement the new rule.