Guyana as World Cup host What the people say about
By Keisha McCammon
Stabroek News
April 16, 2007

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How did the country do for the World Cup? We asked the man and woman in the street this question and this is what they had to say…

Karen, Housewife: 'I think the country did a great job for the world cup and the Guyanese people conducted themselves very well. I believe that everyone put a good effort also into the clean-up. I known my fiancée and I helped in the clean-up and I was also a volunteer. The visitors were polite and from how they behaved and what they said I know they enjoyed themselves for the short time that they were here.'

Nolianna Stuger, Ac-counts Clerk: 'I think that the country did very satisfactorily for the World Cup. The hospitality level increased and the fact that we made provisions for visitors, although we did not get all we expected was a good effort. The fact that we catered for a lot of tourists showed that we were concerned. There were also a lot of volunteers for the World Cup here in Guyana and everywhere you went around the town you were able to find a volunteer. They showed the visitors what we are known for and it was a credible effort.'

Mirinda Adams, UG student: 'I think that the country did well, especially all the volunteers at the stadium. At the stadium they directed persons whether they came in a taxi or in their own vehicle on where to go. Persons also gave out Guyana flags and brochures at the stadium which you did not have to pay for. The security that was in place was good and they also directed persons on where to go. I think they did a great job overall.'

Samuel Lewis, photographer: 'I think we failed to achieve what we started out to. The projections we were given prior to the stadium being completed was lucrative, however this was not so even though Guyana was showcased to the world. The clean-up that was done prior to the games here was overdue and I don't think we have done enough; we still have a long way to go. We have to look at the fallout for the World cup now that it is no longer here. The West Indies team fell out because of their performance.'

Richard Singh, Network Technician: 'I think the country did a very good job for the World Cup however we still have other areas that we need to work on. The preparations were not 100% complete and we need more attractions around the town. The Government did a good job in the clean-up effort and I hope they keep it up.'

Michael Balkaran, Re-tired Chief Health Env-ironment officer: 'I think the country did great for the World Cup. The stadium got built and the amount of people we got and the amount of tickets that were sold was evidence that things went well. I think the Mayor and City Council did a great job in the clean-up and they now have to look at the people and hope they stop littering. The hotels that were built are good for Guyana and we can be a tourist port. It shows that we are developing and it's a great improvement.'

Anthony Fernandes, Mechanic: 'I think the country did fairly ok for the World Cup. I see a lot of buildings have gone up including a number of hotels and the place is looking clean. I gathered from watching the television that the security at the matches was really good; I think they did a good job. A good job was done in hosting the matches here and the measures that were in place were also good.'

Dwayne Loncke, Pro-prietor: 'I believe we tried our best in the hosting of the World Cup. However I think more could have been done. I think the Local Organising Committee (LOC) could have done more for the persons with the Bed and Breakfast in terms of advertisement. I believe that the tourists utilised the few sites that we have very well. The clean-up that the Government and the M&CC undertook was good and we should continue to do this not just for major events.'

Jody-Ann Blake, Clerical Assistant: 'I think the general preparations were good but I was upset with the movement of the vendors from the Stabroek market. Some of those people sold there for years. I felt it all was a charade and what happened to the persons with their Bed and Breakfast is just a shame. I was upset about the cricket as well especially when Pakistan and Indian fell out of the competition and their supporters did not bother to come to the country. I was disappointed and I believe that if you truly love the sport you would follow all the games regardless if your team pulled out.

The hotels that were recently built I feel are too much and it's not our Guyanese culture to have a lot of hotels. Relatives from overseas usually stay with their families and no one really goes to hotels. These hotels will have to do major marketing strategies or they won't succeed.'

Angelicia Harris, Student: 'I believe the general preparation went well. What I know is that what you see on the television is different from what you are told by people. They did not treat the students who went to watch the match properly.

The police chased them away with batons when they went to get autographs from the players who were willing. It was the impression that they were giving the other persons who were at the match that was not good.'