café offers kids free IT course
Stabroek News
April 11, 2007

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The Internet Café's Stephen Thompson and some of the 40 students who participated in a free basic computer course displaying their certificates.

More than 40 New Amster-dam, Canje and East Bank Berbice children recently benefited from a free Basic Computer Course offered by the Internet Café.

Managing Director of the Asylum Street business, Stephen Thompson, said the three-week course was aimed at keeping the children in touch with information technology (IT). He said the sessions, hosted for children aged five to ten years, included the use of the internet and learning about the parts of the computer. Thompson said the café will be hosting another segment of the course in two weeks' time while a session for adults will be held in August, at a minimal cost.

Thompson told Stabroek News his company has existed for seven years and that the course was organized as a way of "giving back to the community." He called on the government to "spend more money in developing IT education in the region and have more computer labs within schools." Further, Thompson said, "I thank the government for the drive to have internet in every home and I urge them to implement it faster." He also lauded the phone company for delivering the phone lines and asked that the service be provided for "more people at a more reliable and affordable cost."