Jumbie Journal Freddie hits out; nobody hurt Bill Cotton/Reform
By Bill Cotton
Stabroek News
April 9, 2007

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Bill has just picked himself off the floor; split my sides laughing at the Fredster's 'attack' on me. When race comes into it, you know the other side has lost the plot. The Kissoon Kitten is now one day older. But no wiser. Fred's piece was ill constructed, badly written and logically flawed. Apart from that it was fine. A typical dispatch from Freddieland - the land where time has stood still.

Where does Bill begin with this tosh?

OK, in the middle. Glad that Freddie admitted to his 'senior moment at the Georgetown Club. He then tries to excuse it in the very next paragraph by Bill's short pants. See what I mean by logic.! For the record Bill was keen to meet Guyana's 'Intellectual at large' (self appointed) so sought out the Fredster. But in person, FK made as much sense as his 'columns' do! I made my excuses and left. Quickly.

To other matters in the 'attack'. I admit to being very friendly with both Mr Yesu Persaud and Mr Clifford Reis.I have shared coconut water with them both. Sometimes, I sample their other beverages; all good journalists do. It's part of the job. Come out and meet the people, Fred! Leave your ivory tower.

In Guyana, Bill has had a daily, albeit intermittent, column in one or the other national newspapers for twelve years now. Long before Freddie was a twinkle in Glenn Lall's eye. Only Fenty, McDonald and Creighton - to my knowledge - have been at it for longer (writing columns…)

On England,where Bill teaches journalism at University and is a prize winning television journalist, the Fredster can only reach for Charlotte Bronte. Really! England is currently in the grip of fine spring weather .At the moment them Wuthering Heights are Sunny Uplands. But what was the point of that Fred diversion? Anybody work it out?

On Martin Gough, The Fredster fails to understand. Not for the first time. Bill quoting Voltaire was about Martin's inalienable right to say and print what the hell he felt about Guyana. It is called freedom of the press.

Bill did not address the content of his blog (and it was just that - an informal weblog not a BBC report…) but the publication of it. Freddie and the others who 'monster' Martin merely demean themselves and the struggle for democracy in this country. Intellectual fascism is no answer to genuine criticism..

On Bill's libido, I hope the Fredster did not have to resort to a dictionary to ascertain the meaning of this unfamiliar word. It is, by the by, perfectly safe to use in any company - polite or otherwise. Try it.

Bill could go on and on. But then this column would start to look Fred-like. Shapeless, top of the head and frankly, pish and piffle. Dear readers let me leave you with just one thought. Fred says 'I seldom read satire'. Good but the reason for that is that Freddie Kissoon lives it!

On to matters of greater import…