Lloyd to seek part proceeds of regional WI one-day matches for HIV/AIDS fight

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April 6, 2007

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A Champion for Change: Former West Indies Captain and the manager of the present team, Clive Lloyd yesterday joined the HIV and AIDS fight when the 'Champion for Change' was conferred upon him meaning he would do all he can to fight stigma and discriminat

If cricket icon Clive Lloyd does not achieve the same measure of success in the fight against stigma and discrimination regarding people living with HIV and AIDS as he did when he led the West Indies (WI) cricket team several years ago to two consecutive World Cup victories, it would surely not be for want of trying.

The West Indies cricket great has pledged to approach the West Indies Cricket Board and ask for part of the proceeds from every West Indies cricket one-day match played in the region to be donated to the HIV and AIDS fight.

Lloyd, former West Indies captain and now manager of the team, joined the fight on Tuesday last when the 'Champion for Change' title was conferred on him by Secretary-General of Caricom, Edwin Carrington.

'Champions for Change' is a joint initiative of Caricom, the Pan-Caribbean Partnership on HIV/AIDS (PANCAP) and the UK Department for International Development. It seeks to address stigma and discrimination through advocacy by leaders in their communities.

Lloyd, who has a name that's synonymous with cricket and the World Cup, said he hopes to play a big part in the reduction of stigma and discrimination, pointing out that HIV and AIDS is troubling the entire world.

In conferring the honour, Carrington recalled the glory days of cricket when Lloyd not only led the team to success but contributed by scoring runs. He noted that the success of the team impacted on the entire region; the way residents were received in other parts of the world and even the way some people walked with an extra bounce in their steps. He noted too that Lloyd had set the bar high for players to strive towards and now he hopes that players today can strive just as much.

Director of PANCAP Carl Browne, giving a background to the initiative, said the idea was born out of a conference in St Kitts in 2003, which brought together the media, politicians, business leaders, sport and cultural icons and others, including another WI great, Jamaican Courtney Walsh. During that conference, the 'Champion for Change' title was conferred on many leaders who it is hoped would advocate and promote tolerance in the area of HIV and AIDS.