Cash, credit cards stolen from hotel safe deposit box
Stabroek News
April 4, 2007

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A New York couple in Georgetown to watch the world cup cricket matches got the shock of their lives at the Hotel Tower when they awoke Monday morning to find that someone had stolen from their safety deposit box over $100,000 cash, credit cards and a quantity of traveller's cheques.

Police said up to yesterday they had not identified any suspect, but detectives are trying to ascertain whether anyone else had a key to the deposit box other than the couple.

Management of the hotel was reluctant to make any comment when this newspaper contacted them yesterday. Twice a reporter from this newspaper contacted an official of the company who said that he was one of the managers, but when asked for a comment on the theft the official declined. On both occasions the official said that he could not comment on the matter, but did not deny that the theft occurred. Police confirmed to this newspaper yesterday they were investigating a simple larceny at a city hotel.

According to reports the couple had requested a box and was given one and from time to time they would secure their monies and other personal documents and leave it there for safe keeping. Stabroek News was told that on Sunday evening the couple secured two traveller's cheques, credit cards, two airline tickets, US$600, a few health insurance cards and a US passport belonging to the female.

However, around 8:30 on Monday morning when the couple checked the box all of the articles mentioned were missing and no one at the hotel was able to provide the visitors with any information. The matter was reported to the police and ranks have commenced their investigation. Police said that there was no sign of forced entry into the box.

One businessman who knew about the incident told this newspaper it was something that was plaguing the business community. According to the businessman dishonest employees damage their operations. He said that in the case at the hotel no one would admit stealing from the visitors but he was positive that it was someone working there who committed the act. The businessman said that a few visitors who are here for the world cup have already suffered at the hands of robbers.

He said that on Saturday two men robbed two visitors on Water Street. On Saturday night an elderly couple who appeared to be visitors was also mugged at the corner of Alexander and Regent streets by two men who had accomplices lurking nearby.