Cuban assistance imminent to help maintain city – Mayor Green

Kaieteur News
April 29, 2007

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Following a recent visit to the Republic of Cuba , City Mayor Hamilton Green, at a recent press conference, revealed that it will only be a matter of time before the City Council garners assistance from Cuban professionals to ensure the upkeep of the city.

During that meeting the Mayor pointed out that he met with the President of the Provincial Council of Havana and a number of other senior officials.

“I was able to persuade the Cubans to put back on the front burner the assistance - technical and otherwise - that they offered two years ago, and which had become dormant because of a number of internal problems.”

The venture to Cuba was quite a success, according to Green, even though the Cubans are currently under tremendous strain from the Caribbean, Africa, and Latin America which are also seeking their assistance in various forms.

“I have already written to the Town Clerk giving her the details. We hope that before the end of the year to have with us the Cubans; medical personnel and technicians to assist.”

And this assistance the Mayor stressed is likely to see a drastic change to the city.

“I was particularly impressed with the way they have their avenues well manicured. All along the place is beautifully manicured and really a delight to see.”

This, along with the continued collaboration of Central Government, the Private Sector and the Council will see the city of Georgetown gaining the status of ‘Garden City of the Caribbean .”'

“The efforts we made with the central government and private sector to bring Georgetown to an acceptable level for Cricket World Cup (CWC) just shows what can be achieved by this trilogy when working together. I hope that CWC merely provided the catalyst so that we could continue this level of cooperation.”

The Mayor revealed that he was particularly pleased to see the genuine and intense efforts of members of the private sector, who enthusiastically assisted the Council.

“In spite of the challenges and constrains I believe they did all that was humanly and financially possible to bring Georgetown to a reasonable level. It is not what I would like to see of the city, but I believe that the longest journey begins with a single step.”

And that step, Green stated, has already been taken through the assistance of the Cubans.

The Mayor further revealed that too often people believe that the responsibility for the cleanliness and appearance of the city rests solely on the Mayor and Council.

“Our human and financial resources make this an impossible task, but I believe with the cooperation of citizens; by lifting their levels of sensitivity, we can make Georgetown better.”

In this regard Green noted that the collaboration of the media could also play a significant role in stimulating more interest by helping to excite public involvement in the maintenance of the city.