Huge turn out at Oasis chess competition
Guyana Chronicle
May 18, 2007

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IF the turn out at the Oasis Café in Carmichael Street on Saturday afternoon represents the future of chess in Guyana, there is little worry for chess fanatics.

Tens of youngsters, some only just reaching the table were present to test their wits at the master board game. The competition which was organised by ardent player Irshad Mohamed, but sponsored by Oasis Café was divided into two categories: beginners and intermediates.

Emerging victorious in the beginners competition was Cecil Cox who finished with five-and-a-half points, second place in that category went to Davendra Singh with five points.

In the intermediate category, Scion Taitt copped the winning trophy with five points, whereas Stephon Nglungkit with four-and-a-half points finished second.

Mohamed, who teaches the game at the café on Saturday afternoons for free, said that he will be promoting more competitions of this nature in the coming months.(Faizool Deo)