Guyana Day celebration at York College, NY By tangerine Clarke
Guyana Chronicle
May 13, 2007

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R&B sensation Rhea will entertain Guyanese at York College on May 20.

DIRECTOR of the annual Guyana Day Harry Bissoon says that the combined Afro, and Indo-drumming sequence that will commence the cultural presentation is the hallmark of the diverse program that will showcase the amazing talents of Guyanese from New York and back home.

The Guyana Day event in celebration of the country’s 41st Independence anniversary is on at York College in Queens, on Sunday May 20 in the Performing Arts Center.

For the first time, Bisson says a gala include an awards ceremony.

Ambassador Bayney Karran be on hand to welcome six individuals from the community to be honored. They are: Cultural Director of the Guyana Cultural Association Folk Festival Claire A. Goring; Deputy Majority Leader of the New York City Council, Leroy Comre; Novelist, Dr. E. R. Braithwaite, of

"To Sir With Love" fame; Choreographer Romanee Kalicharran; and Proprietor of Sybil's Restaurant, Vincent Bernard. York College will also be recognized for it continued support of Guyanese community.Calling on Guyanese to come out and have a good time, Bissoon said, that he

sees culture as a way to bring Guyanese together, and since there was an absence of such an Independence celebration, he took the initiative to launch the Guyana Day, in May of 2000.

Terry Gajraj will entertain Guyanese at York College on May 20.

Now in its seventh year, Bissoon says he wants to make this event more exciting. According to him, he does not want Guyana Day, to be just another cultural gathering; instead, it must truly reflect the diversity of the Guyanese people, he said."We must learn about each other, and each other's culture, and appreciate each other's culture, he said.

Extending an invitation to the Guyana government, and politicians, Bissoon said, he would like to encourage all Guyanese to live in harmony and let peace prevail. "Without peace, there can be no progress, he said.The expatriates, who are expected to trek from all across the U.S. will enjoy for the first time, the charming voice of popular R&B sensation Rhea, who has performed with numerous Hip, Hip artists, including former rapper Biggy Smalls.

Other A-listers will include 2007 Mashramani Calypso Monarch The Mighty Rebel and 2007 Mashramani Soca King, "Malo.” Also expected to rev-up the audience are Terry Gajraj, Marissa and the Bakanal Band, Ivan Harry, Pablo G, Nadeer Bacchus, and the Marage Tassa Boyz and Dancers.

African Drummer, Akoya Rudder, is once again expected to arouse the crowd with his infectious cumfa rhythms, as the Nrity Kala Kendra International Academy, led by Marilyn Bose, and the Impressions Dance Theatre- led by Verna Walcott, showcase Indo- and Afro dance fusion.

Stage performer, and actor, Ron Bob Semple will serve up a belly-full of laughs, Guyanese style, while James Richmond, and Taij Motilall's will round off a stellar cast of performers with their dramatic, and spoken word poetry.WBAI, Radio broadcaster, Hugh Hamilton, is on tap to Emcee.