PNCR deems release by some executive members unfortunate
Guyana Chronicle
April 29, 2007

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The Opposition People’s National Congress Reform has described as unfortunate a public statement by some members of its Executive Committee as to their intention to support a candidate to contest the leadership position at the party’s upcoming Congress.

Following is the text of a press release from the PNCR:

“The Party notes the Press Release from some members of its Central Executive Committee that they met with the Leader, Chairman and General Secretary and indicated their intention to support a candidate to contest the position of Leader at the Party’s forthcoming Congress.

The PNCR wishes to reiterate that the democratic process has always been alive within the Party and all offices of the Party are subject to elections at the Party’s Congress. The constitutional procedure is that party groups nominate candidates for the various offices at the appropriate time and the candidates are required to indicate whether they accept nomination. Thereafter delegates to the Congress vote by secret ballot for the candidates of their choice.

These constitutional rules are well known to all members of the Party and this process, which has not yet commenced for the upcoming Congress, has been routinely followed throughout the Party’s existence. Members and candidates are also free to visit Party groups to express their opinions on various issues and this has always been the practice, particularly at the time of Congress. The position of Leader has also been contested at previous Congresses including the most recently held Biennial Congress in 2004.

It is, therefore, most unfortunate that, before the commencement of this process, this group has chosen to publicize what is essentially an internal Party matter, notwithstanding informed advice given to them that this action would be inimical to the Party’s best interest at this time.

This matter has already been discussed by the Central Executive Committee and will be fully ventilated at a previously planned Retreat to be held shortly.”