Mayor lauds joint showcasing of Georgetown during CWC

Guyana Chronicle
April 25, 2007

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MAYOR of Georgetown, Mr. Hamilton Green yesterday said he was very pleased with the joint efforts of the municipality, the private sector and Central Government, which showcased the city at an acceptable level during Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 games here.

He told a City Hall press conference it shows what can be achieved when people work together, as the cooperation by the three demonstrated.

“And I hope that CWC merely provided the catalyst so that we can continue that level of cooperation,” Green said.

He said he was particularly happy that the municipality initiated a public forum and businessman, Mr. Chris Fernandes and others enthusiastically joined because, in spite of challenges and constraints, a very good job was done.

“It is not what I would like to see of the city but I believe that this entire journey begins with a single step and that has been taken,” Green remarked.

He said, too many times, people believe the responsibility for cleaning the city is that of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) but, given the financial constraints, it is impossible.

However, with citizens cooperating and lifting the level of sensitivity, the capital can be made the garden city of the Caribbean, Green said.

He thanked Fernandes and other business persons who assisted.

Alluding to the problem at the waste disposal site in the eastern extreme of Le Repentir Cemetery, Green asured that all is being done to resolve the situation.

Since last week Thursday afternoon, a fire suspected to be the result of arson was burning there and he expressed concern over it.

But he maintained: “The fact that Mandela Avenue is to the extreme east of that site is merely a coincidence and I don’t know how it got the ‘Mandela dump site’ accolade.”

Green visited the location on Saturday, accompanied by Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Mr. Kellawan Lall, by when the situation was under control.

However, the blaze restarted and is not yet out, the Mayor said.

Green said additional pumping equipment would be placed there to douse the flames and he tendered deep regret to citizens who live in the vicinity and are suffering from the smoke.

The Mayor also reported on his recent visit to Cuba, where he met municipal officials and managed to secure technical assistance.

Green said he wrote the Town Clerk, Ms. Beulah Williams, on the matter and, hopefully, by year end, Cuban medical personnel will be attached to the Georgetown municipality.

“In Cuba, I was particularly impressed with the way they have their avenues manicured when I drove through. It was a delight to see,” he admitted. (MICHEL OUTRIDGE)