New vision for West Indies cricket
Rebuilding process to start with England Tour

Guyana Chronicle
April 24, 2007

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PRESIDENT of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Kenneth Gordon, and the CEO, Bruce Aanensen, met yesterday with representatives of the Selection Committee, Cricket Committee, the Board and Management of the organisation to plan the way forward following the team’s disappointing performance in the World Cup.

A release from the WICB said last night that the meeting agreed that a clear signal must be sent out to all stakeholders of West Indies cricket that it will not be “business as usual” in the Board’s approach to the challenge and that a common vision should guide the WICB and all its subsidiary committees as it undertakes the task of regrouping and rebuilding.

The Agenda for the Meeting clearly illustrated the seriousness with which the situation is viewed:

1. Confidentiality and public statements.

2. Principles of accountability – accepting responsibility for individual and collective actions.

3. Achieving a common vision among all stakeholders, of responsibility for WI Cricket, including the establishment of an Academy and Training/Performance Standards,

4. Establishing firm criteria to guide the selection of the Captain including leadership ability, performance, commitment and general attitude, as well as standards of health and fitness.

5. Rationalising where necessary existing procedures and conflicts of interest.

6. Early implementation of support measures e.g. a bowling school.

7. The forthcoming English Tour and the guiding principle for team selection – would it be taken as an opportunity for rebuilding or would the same general criteria be used?

8. Determining the necessary steps for completing the selection of the Captain and the Team by Wednesday, April 25, 2007.

The meeting unanimously accepted that the England Tour will be the first stage in the rebuilding process and that this will be reflected in the selections to be made.

It was also agreed that a recommendation will go to the Board that for the next two years all agreed increases in player payments should be based solely on performance incentives to be reviewed at the end of the two-year period.

The group also agreed:

· To re-commit to confidentiality as the basis for mutual respect and trust.

· The Cricket Committee will be expanded to include more players who recently retired from the game.

· Review the present format of regional junior tournaments e.g. Under-15 to determine their relevance to the WICB’s vision for player development.

· The selection of a new Captain for the England Tour will be based on criteria agreed to among the Board, Cricket Committee and the Selectors. The appointment will be for a limited duration during which time the performance of the appointee will be closely monitored and evaluated.

· A review of the Board’s policies and processes will be undertaken to improve efficiency and eliminate any possible conflicts of interest which exist.

· To develop and implement a plan for improving the standard of regional cricket through specialised training in cricket and other life skills. In the short term there will be a concentration on skills training (e.g. bowling and other cricket skills). In the medium term, an Academy structure will be put in place.

A proposal is being finalised by the Academy Committee and will be reviewed by the Board at its next meeting.

· The Team for the Tour to England will be selected on Wednesday, April 25, 2007.

The WICB President stressed that it is clear that the incremental approach to change that was used in the past did not and will not work. However, he is confident that the acceptance of the need to rebuild and the steps necessary to ensure meaningful change have been embraced by all and that the environment to support these changes now exists.