A high degree of lawlessness Editorial
Guyana Chronicle
April 3, 2007

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An incident which occurred at around 2.40h on Monday, March 26 last, on Sheriff Street in Campbellville, has created quite a stir.

Many have expressed outrage at the incident which took place in the vicinity of a high profile night club, a venue at which various incidents involving patrons have occurred.

And some of these incidents were serious enough to have warranted intervention by the police.

The current matter calls for unrelenting investigation by the police, until such time that the perpetrators are hauled before the courts.

From the public point of view, the incident testifies to a high degree of lawlessness perpetrated by a group of about ten men on three women and two men, said to be of Amerindian descent.

According to reports received by the police, the attackers were armed with a firearm and knives.

The victims were robbed, abused, beaten and wounded on a section of the city where, people say, the lights never go out and the carousing continues until all hours.

According to the victims, dozens of persons just stood by and watched, with no attempt to come to their assistance.

It is difficult to understand this callous attitude, this indifference among individuals who just watch the perpetration of such scandalous behaviour and never make a move to help. Not even shouting to alert the police patrol, which the police say, is always in that area.

The Guyana Human Rights Association and other groups have condemned the incident, and an all night vigil was conducted about where the incident occurred, calling on the authorities to shut down the night club.

But those who run the night spot have denied that the robbery and beating took place outside their premises.

What makes the scenario more interesting is that persons connected to the club have denied allegations made by the victims.

Of course we are in no position to pronounce on this, but we are wont to believe that the incident was not merely a figment of the imagination.

It was only on Sunday last, April 1, that the police issued a statement on the incident, saying that it was being thoroughly investigated, and asking that persons who witnessed the incident come forward and tell them about it.

The belated police response also stated that there are regular patrols on Sheriff Street, but that on that night there was only one.

We realize that at this time the police have their hands full. What with World Cup Cricket here and shows all over the place et al.

However, the growing lawlessness which we have been witnessing in recent times seems to have reached a high point with the Sheriff Street incident.

We understand that some of the perpetrators can be identified, and we expect the police to pursue this advantage diligently, never letting up until the offenders have been brought to book.

The victims deserve the full sympathy of the public. We understand that it was the first time they had gone to the night spot. Of course this was a first time they will never forget.

We urge those persons who witnessed the attack to come out and speak to the police.

In case they want to be reminded, the telephone numbers they can call to contact the police are 911, 225-6411, 227-1149, 226-6978, 225-3650, and 226-2417.