Unemployment still a major problem in Linden - PNCR
Stabroek News
March 28, 2007

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The PNCR says high unemployment remains a major problem in Linden and some townspeople are also worried about corrupt policemen.

Last week, the main opposition party held a fan-out exercise in Linden, in which PNCR-1G MPs and Regional Democratic Council (RDC) members met the people of the town. According to the party's weekly press statement, the major concern of the people is the effect of the destruction of the bauxite industry and the high unemployment, which has resulted in the community. In fact, unemployment is seen as the source of the many social and other problems in Linden.

Lindeners, the party said, stated that the cost of living has increased considerably in the last three months. The market vendors complained that there has been a marked decrease in the purchasing power of the people and as a consequence people are buying less and business is very slow.

Some residents of the town also believe that the PPP/C administration is seeking to marginalize the RDC and sometimes usurps its functions. It was pointed out that since the people of Linden elected their own representatives then the government should recognize the will of the people and allow them to govern the community. They also called for the RDC to be given the required resources to develop the community.

The PNCR said the governing party's "high-handedness" in dealing with the RDC has created a situation in which there is inadequate supervision of infrastructure and other work in the region. As a result, the party has called on the government to desist from practices that would prevent the RDC from carrying out its mandate. The PNCR also dealt with the concerns of vendors operating on Co-op Crescent and raised these matters with the Interim Management Committee of the town. The citizens also raised the issue of police brutality by a few rogue policemen in the community. This was subsequently raised with the police leadership in Linden who responded positively and investigated and took action on the cases referred to them. In fact, the party noted its admiration for the professional way in which the senior officers in Linden dealt with the concerns raised by the people. The party made it clear that it is in support of the police maintaining law and order in Linden but would do everything to end the abuse of power by corrupt policemen.

Some Lindeners were also of the view that the government needs to return the Linden Television Station to the people of Linden, since it was a gift to them. They have expressed the view that at present the television station churns out governing party propaganda and fails to give balanced coverage of news in Guyana, the party explained.