City launches 'Operation Respect for the Dead'
Stabroek News
March 20, 2007

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The Mayor and City Council is embarking on a project to clean up Le Repentir Cemetery by extending an invitation to persons with the remains of relatives and friends there to participate in 'Operation Respect for the Dead'.

Deputy Mayor Robert Williams revealed the plan that would allow citizens to renovate tombs this weekend in line with the M&CC's objective to paint every tomb in the cemetery. He was addressing a press conference convened by his Worship Mayor Hamilton Green to update the public on the state of play with the city's clean-up efforts.

Williams said that from today to Friday citizens can acquire their paint, cement and other materials and come forward. On Saturday, March 24 the M&CC will launch Operation Respect for the Dead and officers would be available at Le Repentir Cemetery to assist persons with the sprucing up of tombs holding their loved ones.

The M&CC's financial straits the Deputy Mayor said was the reason behind the call for public assistance.

"We want to paint every single tomb," Williams said. The M&CC would seek to have paint and brushes available at a small fee since it would not take more than a gallon of paint to redo the tombs. There is "very limited" assistance available through contact with the Town Clerk on 226-4669 or the Sexton's Office at the cemetery, which has records dating back to 1902.