Bottled water allowed for CWC matches
Stabroek News
March 15, 2007

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The Cricket World Cup (CWC) Security Directorate and the ICC yesterday said that spectators would now be allowed to take bottled water into the match venues.

The ICC CWC WI 2007 Inc, in a press release, said this decision was taken with "security and medical considerations in mind and with a view to making sure fans have access to as much water as possible" while attending the games in the Caribbean's tropical climate. However, as a security measure, all bottle tops must be removed at the point of entry at every stadium and water will not be permitted into the venues in any other types of containers and no liquid other than water will be allowed in plastic bottles the release said.

Previously the ICC CWC had said that no plastic bottles of any size or description other than insect repellent and sunscreen would be allowed into the venues. But the group said it has been monitoring the weather forecasts throughout the region and the temperatures and humidity are projected to be high. "This is strictly a health matter and not a question of CWC's safety and security policies being relaxed, the release said.

Dr Marion Bullock DuCasse, Chair of the CWC's Medical Health and Anti-Doping Directorate, said "The health of all persons at the stadia is of critical importance and keeping well hydrated is a major factor." The CWC will continue its ongoing assessments of this situation, she said.