Who will win Cricket World Cup
What the people say about
By Keisha McCammon
Stabroek News
March 5, 2007

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This is what the man/woman in the street had to say when we asked them which team they thought would win Cricket World Cup 2007.

Courtney Hinds, Electr-ician: 'Of course I want West Indies to win the Cricket World Cup. However I don't believe they will win because Sri Lanka and Australia are both strong teams. But even though I think they will not win I will back them and hope that they can come out victorious. I know that anything can happen at the world cup so I will be waiting to see.'

Michelle Evans, housewife: 'I want the West Indies to win because it's my team. I believe they will win some of the games but may not win the final match. I'm not even sure which team will win the last match but I am hoping that West Indies can put up a good fight and surprise me.'

Cleon Tom-Fernandes, public sector employee: 'I want West Indies to win and I believe they will win. I want them to win because I'm supporting my own team which consists of Guyanese players and others from the Caribbean, including my favourite cricketer Brian Lara. I know they have the ability win. The other teams have the ability as well but I'm not supporting them; I'm a Guyanese and I will forever support the West Indies.'

Ann Spencer, Cleaner: 'I love West Indies and I believe they will win. I support my team no matter what and I will be watching the matches on television. I know they will win and I'm happy for them. It is their time to win the world cup.'

Noel Persaud, Car-penter: 'I want the West Indies to win because they have not won a world cup in a long time, and I think they will do so now. All the other teams are good, but I support the West Indies all the time, 100 per cent. Whether they win or lose they are my team and they will always have my support. I will be going to the matches to see when they win.'

Claire Gillis, Machine operator: 'West Indies I believe will win because it's my team and I'm backing them all the way. I understand that they have not won a lot of matches lately, but anything can happen at the world cup. There is always the possibility that any team can come out victorious. Teams like Australia may give them a tough time, but I know they will be able to beat them. I will be watching their performance at home on my television.'

Sunil Singh, Teacher: 'I would prefer to have the West Indies cricket team win this year's world cup. The West Indies are our local team and I want them to win. The other teams stand a chance at winning as well, but no one knows what will happen at this world cup. I'm not fully convinced they will win, just 75% convinced. However, if the West Indies cricket team really work hard on their game they can win. I'm not sure if I will be going to watch the match but I will watch it on television.'

Michelle McAulay, Housewife: 'I believe the West Indies will win because I know they work hard and they deserve to win. I know they are doing their best and they have their ups and downs, but they are ready for this world cup. The finals I believe will be between West Indies and Australia, and the West Indies will win. I will watch the match on TV.'

Rickden Hastings, Wel-der/ Fabricator: 'I want the West Indies to win because I'm a West Indian. I support all the players on the team. Their only threat is Australia and Sri Lanka, who stand a good chance of winning. It all depends on which team plays the best. I admire Australia, England and South Africa but I will be happy to see West Indies defeat them. I will go to the matches and I'm confident they will win as long as they play good. They need to be on the look out for Australia but there are always upsets at world cups.'

Aretha Cambridge, Cos-metologist: 'I believe the West Indies will win and I want them to because I love the team. Nothing is impossible at the world cup and I think although Australia in my opinion is their major competitor, they will be able to beat them. I don't think there is any player on the West Indies team who is not committed to winning, therefore I know they will win. I will watch the matches on television.'