Children at Drop-in Centre responding well to remedial courses
Stabroek News
March 3, 2007

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The Drop-in Centre for street children has recorded much success during the past year and marked development in the children who attend its literacy and nursery programme.

According to a Government Information Agency press release since the programme started one month ago the ten students are showing significant signs of improvement. Children from the Joshua House are also benefiting from the courses. Jacqueline Wilson, the administrator at the centre, said the programme is part of a broader remedial programme offered at the institution.

It is being delivered by Reverend Kenzena Romao of the New Foundation Initiative; a non-governmental organisation that offers remedial courses for school dropouts, students who have never been to school and slow learners.

Romao, who is visually impaired, said she has been teaching for several years and the programme has become interesting. She also said the children at the centre are showing marked signs of development and the programme will continue as long as a need exists. The sessions are held for four hours daily. The programme covers several areas including computer classes, craft programmes and tie-dying.

Wilson also said the centre has recorded significant success during the past year. It has helped to reunite more than 30 children with their families, after counselling, and about 50 of them have been placed in the school system.