Communications Specialists here for last lap of World Cup

Stabroek News
January 26, 2007

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CRUNCH TIME! The Communications Specialists at the Grand Coastal Hotel yesterday. CWC Corporate Communications Director Marvia Roach is second from left. (Lawrence Fanfair photo)

Eleven corporate Communications Specialists are convening in Guyana this weekend to fine tune their efforts and synchronise their strategies for the last lap of Cricket World Cup (CWC) promotional schedule.

Ten of the Communications Specialists including Guyanese Richard Haniff, met at an informal session yesterday at the Grand Coastal Hotel.

According to CWC Corporate Communications Director Marvia Roach:"It is down to crunch time and we have some tasks to finish such as complete the music video, get our radio advertisements going and a few other things."

Roach said during the first two phases of ticketing the promotions were directed at the diaspora and cricket playing nations but now it was the local call to action.

"We are aware our local folks sometimes wait until the last minute to do things and they are the one we are currently targeting," said Roach.

The two-day seminar will be completed tomorrow when the group will focus on the tournament, the media centre and its operations.