Stabroek Market enhancement moving apace
Stabroek News
January 23, 2007

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Night vending and other work are being done at the Stabroek Market with a view to easing the congestion in keeping with plans to enhance the city for the country's hosting of several high-level events.

In a press release, the Government Information (GINA) said obstructions have been removed from the area and a minimum amount of business activities for entertainment and food vending is being allowed at night. Plans are also in train to address and improve the parking facilities in preparation for the hosting of the Rio Group Summit and Cricket World Cup.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Kellawan Lall, during a visit to assess the conditions at the market, said the need for improved facilities for wholesalers is first on the agenda and a delegation is to meet the market clerk about the matter.

Lall said many of the areas being looked at under the enhancement programme have existed for years and there are several constraints in carrying out the upgrading of Georgetown. However, he said the work would be done in accordance with the law. He also acknowledged the considerable co-operation from citizens and urged that others get involved in the exercise.

Additionally, the Bourda Market is also being upgraded under the programme and a contract with Cevons Waste Management Incorporated will see solid waste collection and disposal being done 24 hours a day. Also, the avenues at Main, Thomas, Carmichael, East and Waterloo streets are being upgraded and several national monuments have been identified for upgrading. GINA said the task force is also focusing on effective garbage collection and disposal, upgrading of road shoulders and drains and the rehabilitation of the National Zoological Park.