Bovell's father on $100,000 bail over rape committed by son
-US visa revoked
Stabroek News
January 12, 2007

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In his third appearance in court yesterday Cyril Bovell, the father of now dead wanted man Neil Bovell was granted bail in the sum of $100,000 by Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton at the Wales Magistrate's Court.

He is charged in relation to a rape committed by his son in September 2005. The charge reads that the elder Bovell knowing that Neil Bovell had carnal knowledge of a woman in September 2005, did on Wednesday, December 27, 2006, receive, relieve, comfort and assist the said Neil Bovell.

In his first court appearance before Magistrate Fazil Azeez at the

Leonora Magistrate's Court, Police Prosecutor Ramsahoye Rambajue had opposed bail saying that investigations had not yet been completed. Bail was refused and the matter was transferred to the Wales Magistrate's Court.

When he appeared there, Magistrate Octive-Hamilton had further remanded him to police custody after his attorney Glen Hanoman had made a lengthy application for bail. The prosecution had opposed bail on the grounds that he was a flight risk. The magistrate had ordered that his passport and United States (US) visa be produced for the court on the next occasion.

Yesterday this was done and Hanoman further revealed that the US

embassy had revoked his client's visa and showed the magistrate and prosecution a document to that effect. He also produced a document from a medical institution where the elder Bovell had been treated. However there was some confusion as to which year was referred to after the elder Bovell declared that he had never been treated in 2006 but rather in 2005.

Hanoman stated that his client was not lucid and he had a faulty memory. The attorney reiterated that the charge was "ridiculous." "His son visits his father a year after he allegedly committed a rape and his father is charged," Hanoman said and asked whether it meant that "if a man has committed an offence and he visits me then I can be charged for it." He then asked the prosecution if bail was still being opposed.

Police Prosecutor Rambajue replied that in light of the new disclosures he would ask for substantial bail.

Hanoman however stated that his client is a pensioner who did some farming on a plot of land aback of his home. He proposed $50,000 bail but the magistrate declared that it was unacceptable. She then granted bail in the sum of $100,000 and ordered Bovell to return to the Wales Magistrate's Court on February 1 when the Preliminary Inquiry will commence.

The bail was promptly paid and Bovell and his relatives quickly left the court.