Power company asks homeowners for notice of increased demand for CWC
Stabroek News
January 11, 2007

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The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Inc is asking homeowners expecting visits from family and friends for the Cricket World Cup to inform the corporation of their intended installation of power-consuming additions to the home so as to accommodate the increase in demand.

Speaking to this newspaper on Monday, Chief Executive Officer of GPL Bharat Dindyal said the company is asking persons to alert GPL so that the necessary provision could be made for transmission of power to areas which may have a higher demand. He said persons may want to install air conditioning units, water heaters and other items that increase the demand in a particular area.

He said the company has acquired the additional capacity required for the increase in demand. According to Dindyal, the company has installed 10 megawatts of generating capacity at Sophia and some 2.4 megawatts at Versailles.

Dindyal said that since the Christmas holidays the company has been running on 'all cylinders' and has been on full capacity.

GPL should still have a surplus of 11 megawatts when all the new hotels, bed and breakfast (B&B), and the stadium are considered. Dindyal said that out of a total of 88 megawatts available on the grid, the company foresees only 77 megawatts being utilised.

He said the company has been stocking up on fuel and shipments arrive on a timely basis and he is confident that all power consumption demands would be met.