PPP says all will gain from hosting of international events
Stabroek News
January 4, 2007

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The People's Progressive Party (PPP) says the country's hosting of several international events this year will create good conditions for social and economic advancement to the benefit of all.

In a press release to mark the new year, the PPP said these events, particularly the hosting of the Cricket World Cup, are opportunities to market the country's beauty and the people's legendary hospitality. The PPP said in the past year the country had faced many challenges but citizens should be proud of "the fact that we had a free, fair, transparent and peaceful General and Regional elections." The party said this is a significant victory as it indicates that "democracy is being further strengthened and entrenched" in the country. The party said it looks forward to another display of democracy with the hosting of the local government elections. The PPP said democracy appears to be strengthening in all countries of the region, except Mexico where elections recently are being questioned.

The PPP also commends citizens for raising their voices in condemnation of the brutal murders and the crime wave that had plagued the country since the February 2002 jail-break. The party lauds the security forces and acting Commissioner of Police Henry Greene for curbing the situation during the latter half of the year.

Internationally, the ruling party said it is concerned about escalating tensions and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The PPP said the wars in the Middle East have engulfed great numbers of people and continue to cause death and displacement.

The party also said the dispute between Iran and the West "is a manifestation of the great insecurity that many people feel," and it joins with all peace forces worldwide in calling for the nuclear disarmament of all countries as this may be the only solution to the problem.