Companies have up to January 14 to buy world cup tickets in bulk By Miranda La Rose
Stabroek News
January 3, 2007

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The corporate community in the country and in the region has until January 14 to buy tickets in bulk under the corporate package, the ICC CWC Local Organising Committee (LOC) Finance Manager Chateram Ramdihal says.

Meanwhile as the country gears up for the hosting of six of the Super Eight matches locally, tickets are still available and purchases could be made from Monday, January 15 when the third phase of ticketing would begin. It ends on April 28 when the last match would be held in Barbados.

Tickets would be sold on a first-come first-serve basis and actual seats would be sold from www.cricketworldcup. com, Official CWC Inc Ticketing Centres and in the case of Guyana at the ICC CWC LOC office, Perimeter Box Office and Venue Box Office, if tickets are still available.

Contacted on preparations for the continued sale for tickets for the Super Eight Matches which would start in Guyana on March 28 at the Guyana National Stadium at Providence, East Bank Demerara, Ramdihal said that representatives of the corporate community could contact him for tickets at the LOC Office at 91 Middle Street, South Cummingsburg or on telephone numbers 226-2052 or 225-9626.

Tickets would go on sale from January 15th to 28th April when the last match would be held in Guyana and it is expected that the first match would be in Guyana between South Africa and Sri Lanka.

With the exception of the matches for April 1 (potentially between West Indies and Sri Lanka) and on April 7 (potentially between India and South Africa), Category One US$100 tickets - the most expensive - are still available.

Tickets are also available in Category Two - US$75, Category Three - US$25 and in the Mount (party stand) at a cost of US$90. The cost in the party stand would cover drinks and food.

Ramdihal does not rule out the possibility of tickets being made available in Category 1 for the two matches where tickets are currently sold out as tickets may be returned by sponsors and others. Interest-ed persons are asked to check online on the ICC CWC 2007 website from January 15 to keep updated in this regard.

Overall the sale of tickets for the Guyana matches is just over 50%, Ramdihal said, noting however, that at the end of Phase Two of public ticketing, out of 143 countries that have applied and purchased tickets, Guyana was ranked at Number Nine. For the Caribbean, Guyana was ranked at Number Four. Trinidad and Tobago led the way followed by Barbados and Jamaica.

He said that persons who have bought tickets in Phase One and Two of public ticketing would each receive a souvenir ticket and would be receiving their tickets to the matches to be held locally from the end of this month and early February.

Sixteen teams would be competing in the championship and it is likely that the West Indies which would be playing the matches in the preliminary stages in Group D with Pakistan, Ireland and Zimbabwe would be in the Super Eight round and would play at least one match in Guyana along with Pakistan from the group. They are likely to meet the other top teams from South Africa, India and New Zealand in the Super Eight series here.

Guyana would host its first Super Eight match on March 28 potentially between South Africa and Sri Lanka. On March 30 the match would be potentially between Pakistan and England; on April 3 potentially between Pakistan versus South Africa; and on April 9 potentially between Pakistan and New Zealand.

It should be noted that even though tickets have been sold out for the semi-finals and final matches, there is a possibility that more tickets would be made available with the installation of temporary seating or through the return of tickets from sponsors and travel and hospitality agents.