Section of Stabroek Market sports new tiled look

Kaieteur News
March 29, 2007

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With a bit of collaboration and permission from the market authority some vendors at the Stabroek Market have been able to effect a new look to their business environment.

Through their joint financial effort, a section of the market now sports a tiled floor, which according to several customers, has significantly enhanced it.

According to the vendors, the idea to improve the market was initiated by one of their own, and was eventually brought to the attention of the Clerk of Markets, who gave it some consideration. As such one section of the market was identified to put into effect the idea as a pilot project.

According to information from the market authority, the project will undergo a series of observations before any plans are made to expand it.

And while several other vendors have voiced their desire to join the venture, this newspaper understands that the tile work will only be allowed in about three sections of the market.

But the market authority, according to some vendors, has demonstrated some level of hesitation to consider them, revealing that only the boutique section will feature in considerations, ruling out the possibility of the grocery and other sections being included.

It was also indicated that the decision to tile only certain sections was based on the fact that porters with their hand-held carts which normally traverse many areas could cause some measure of damage to a tiled floor.

Clerk of Markets, Mr. Schulder Griffith, in an earlier report had revealed that the ongoing internal enhancement of the market is geared towards raising the standard to match that of shopping malls.

And the comments from those who used the tiled section yesterday were in-keeping with Griffith 's expectation.

According to one shopper, I was elated to see the improvement. I was shocked and excited at the same time to see that the standard of shopping facilities in Guyana is really getting better every day.

The vendors have also committed to keeping their stalls in an admirable condition with painting works being set for every six months. And like their counterparts outside the market, they, too, particularly in the butchery and grocery sections, have appropriately outfitted themselves to conduct their business.