World Cup experience ignites national pride in Wortmanville

Kaieteur News
March 28, 2007

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With unwavering national pride, one Wortmanville group has over the last few weeks, been working relentlessly to restore the community and its environs to its former beauty through a series of undertakings.

And while the project was initiated with the aim of showcasing the community to visitors during the Cricket World Cup matches, it aims at more far-reaching, comprehensive and sustainable goals.

The project which was launched by the “Bent Street Action Group” last month has resulted in the cleaning of weeds, drains and parapets, the painting of road signs and pedestrian crossings.

Coordinator of the group Stanley Phillips, says the community-based project focuses on a number of objectives apart from beautifying and enhancing the area.

He told this newspaper that the exercise aims at involving youths in community activities since some 85% of the 40-man team are in this category.

The project also has as its objective, the encouragement of community members to work collaboratively, as this will embrace discipline, promote unity, as well as ignite and reunite and strengthen the bonds of friendships.

Phillips noted that another important aspect of the initiative is that it will showcase and advertise the community and by extension the country, to the teams, officials and visitors for CWC.

“We strongly feel that our community will make a significant contribution towards the West Indian World Cup experience since our goal is centered on returning Georgetown to being the “Garden City”

Noting that the programme will also result in encouraging self-respect and pride, the coordinator disclosed long-term plans of educating residents, including children at schools in the area, of their responsibility and role in maintaining a clean environment.

Another aspect of sustainability of the project will be in making the area a “litter-free zone”

Over the period March 11-25 ,the Bent Street Action Group weeded all parapets cleaned all drains from weeds and debris and disposed of all debris in Bent Street, between John and Haley Streets, Louisa Row and Hardina Street, between Princes and Hadfield Streets and Norton and D'Urban Streets between Louisa Row and Hardina Street.

Also as a sign of national pride, the members of the group erected the Golden Arrowhead on the face of approximately seven hundred buildings in the entire Wortmanville area, along with a section of Werk-en-Rust and Stabroek, in commemoration of Cricket World Cup.

According to Phillips, the national flags depict the offerings of the country during the international matches and portray patriotism.

“Our group's motto is ‘We believe' and we do believe in ourselves, and are guided by our civic responsibilities and that collectively we can achieve goals. We also believe in making the necessary sacrifice in the interest of the nation and that every citizen has a role to play in enhancing, beautifying and maintaining their surroundings.”

He posited that through the initiative, residents of the community could take charge of their lives, while expressing optimism that the effort will encourage and promote patriotic feelings and drive and make Guyana proud.

He noted that the group will focus on removing the negative habits, lifestyle attitudes, thinking, behaviour and personality.

“To show the youths that goals are attainable and we could only hit what we have aimed at. For every success of the group, be it small or large, is proof that they are capable of achieving more success,” Phillips said.

He explained that the group worked tirelessly and unselfishly, and with great passion, commitment and pride over the last couple of weeks to ensure the success of the project.

“From the building of the flagpoles and cleaning of the drains to the visiting of every home for consent to mount the flags, determination and zeal were demonstrated by everyone. It was great fun and togetherness on display for this important exercise”

He lauded the cooperation of the residents noting that all who were visited, save a few, gave consent to mounting the flags on their buildings.

He also described as amazing, the hundreds of requests from other sections of Georgetown and around Guyana for national flags to be placed on display in other areas.

He noted that apart from the group members and the community, the project has benefited the City Council and the country as a whole.