Almond Street renamed after Lance Gibbs …as Queenstown honours cricket ‘legend'

Kaieteur News
March 28, 2007

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By proclamation, Deputy Mayor Robert Williams yesterday renamed Almond Street , Queenstown, Lance Gibbs Street , in recognition of the great man's yeoman service to cricket in Guyana and the West Indies and for his contribution to the development of Guyana 's image both locally and overseas.

The renaming ceremony coincided with the opening of what has become known as the ‘ Legends Village ' at the Demerara Cricket Club ground, in Queenstown. This occasion will run for 14 nights.

The legendary off-spinner, a former world-record holder for the most wickets in Tests, was on hand yesterday for the honour at the Demerara Cricket Club.

During an interview, he described the honour as most rewarding and something that should be accorded to any Guyanese who have made significant contributions to the development of the country.

“With Guyana being an independent nation, it is time that the country do away with such street names as Carmichael and the like,” he opined.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, who was the main speaker at the ceremony, stated that “there is nothing in the region that unites us like cricket”.

He added that cricket has been very important to Guyana 's development in that “the early champions had re-established the colonial residents as champions against their masters.”

The PM further examined the region's cricketing history and its contributions to the development of Guyana and the region.

Director of Sport, Neil Kumar, congratulated the DCC, which he said is a legend in itself, for the appropriate initiative that coincides with Guyana 's hosting of Cricket World Cup 2007.

Kumar said, “Because of the inspiration that we have drawn from personalities like Clive Lloyd, Roy Fredericks, Lance Gibbs, Roger Harper and other prominent cricketing figures, we have been able to build on a foundation already set by these legends for our children.”

Kumar further added, “We of the government are highly supported of this initiative, as it will inspire our children to strive to achieve great things.”

Kumar felt that having sports on the curriculum in schools will enable Guyana 's youths to compete on an equal level with those of other Caribbean nations.

The 14-night ‘ Legends Village ' will seek to honour and celebrate the Guyanese cricketers for their grace, great sportsmanship and exemplary statesmanship on and off the field.

The ‘ Legends Village ' will see a series of events to honour the Legends. These include corporate receptions, an arts and craft section, Guyanese cuisine, video replays of Cricket World Cup Matches, cultural presentations, music and dance and games.

Nightly entertainment will feature several local entertainers. A legend or a cricketing personality is expected to be present in the ‘Village' each night to sign autographs and, where possible, give endorsements to interested individuals.

This ambitious undertaking has so far attracted an investment of some $10M, all coming from corporate sponsors.