Market enhancement efforts aimed at competing with shopping malls
• Clerk of Markets

Kaieteur News
March 18, 2007

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As displaced vendors from the Stabroek Market Square continue to lobby for their reinstatement, vendors within the market have continued their sprucing-up efforts, which they hope to complete before the start of the Guyana leg of Cricket World Cup.

Clerk of Markets, Mr Schulder Griffith, made this disclosure when he carried out an inspection of the market recently.

He revealed that the vendors were, on Wednesday last, engaged in an intense effort to put some finishing touches to their stalls. He declared that he was impressed with the enthusiasm which was demonstrated.

“I am satisfied with the work they have put in so far, but much more can still be done. They came out in their numbers and just painted through. They even suggested that the activity be done on a regular basis, at least every six months,” Griffith disclosed.

Additionally, the Clerk of Markets pointed out, plans are being streamlined to further enhance the appearance of the market by rubber tiling certain sections of the walkways.

“This is yet to be discussed with the Market Committee, since the City Engineer will have to make the final recommendation on the type of tiles to be used.”

This proposed development, according to Griffith , will add some level of uniformity to the activities in the market, since hand carts and other transporting vehicles will not be permitted in the tiled areas.

And major emphasis is also being directed to the butchery section of the market, according to Griffith . He noted that promoting healthy practices is among the top priorities of the market.

He revealed that the vendors will not be allowed to operate in that section of the market if they are not attired with overalls and suitable covers for their heads. And they were ready and willing to adopt the recommendation, Griffith said.

The vendors have since been very eager to show off their gear as they conduct their business.

Efforts are also being intensified to promote the cook shops, located in the southern section of the market, Griffith pointed out, stressing that the finest. Mouth watering Indian and Creole cuisines are prepared there.

“We are trying to modernise this area so that tourists and other people passing through the market will be intrigued to stop and grab a taste of the variety of dishes.”

He noted that the various enhancement efforts are also being promoted at the other municipal markets.

But, according to Griffith , while many believe that all efforts are focused on Guyana 's hosting of CWC, the market management will ensure that the efforts are sustained, in order to remain competitive with other selling facilities.

• “It is necessary for us to bring the markets up to an acceptable standard so that we can compete with the many shopping malls and other modernised shopping establishments,” Griffith asserted.