Guyanese hard-work will payoff come March 28

Kaieteur News
March 11, 2007

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The hard work of many Guyanese, who have been apart of the Cricket World Cup journey, will pay off come March 28, as the Caribbean hangs at the cusp of history.

Speaking at the opening of the first warm up match in Jamaica , ICC CWC 2007 Managing Director & CEO, Chris Dehring, said “This is what it has all been about. These matches may not have a direct bearing on the outcome of the tournament but they will be an important signal not only to ourselves, but to the rest of the world.”

Dehring said that nationals from all over the Caribbean have made positive contributions to the development of their respective territories in the effort to enhance for the mega event.

“I am extremely excited at the prospects as we enter the initial phase. The teams have settled down nicely into their routines and soon the focus will be on the quality cricket that will be on show: the best in the world competing in the most beautiful place in the world, in front of the best cricket fans in the world,” he said.

Dehring once again reminded that, even now that everything is on the verge of coming together, there is still work to be done and everyone must remain focused.

Soon, the first ball will be bowled opening the competition officially and the games will have begun. Dehring said that this is not the time to slack off and put our feet up. “As we have been saying all along, we have to finish the course properly and I'm confident that as long as we do so, we will give the world a great experience that they will never forget.”

Together, the Caribbean nationals have already begun showing that they can deliver to world-class standards. All 16 teams arrived safely in the Caribbean and collectively received all of their 1,400 bags without incident.

This level of service, the local LOC has promised to continue to deliver as the players, fans, media personnel, and team officials begin arriving in Guyana for the Super 8 matches slated from March 28.

Now, the region is ready to make history and Guyanese, other Caribbean nationals along with the rest of the world will watch as the great story unfolds.