Shortage of doctors at NA Hospital

Kaieteur News
March 5, 2007

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NEW AMSTERDAM, BERBICE Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Health Authority, Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo, has acknowledged that there is a shortage of doctors at the New Amsterdam Hospital .

This, he said, has been reported to the Ministry of Health. Two Cuban gynaecologists have left and have not yet been replaced. So too has the Cuban orthopaedic specialist.

Some of the other Cuban doctors are on vacation. And to compound the issue, one of the doctors was involved in an accident and is off the job.

The patients may not suffer much since others in the field are filling the void.

Last week, Cuba 's Ambassador to Guyana , Francisco A. Marchante, Consul of the Cuban Embassy Mercedes Martinez, and Head of the Cuban Medical Brigade Rody Cervantes visited East Berbice/Corentyne.

The Cuban delegation along with Region Six Chairman Zulfikar Mustapha, Community Relations Officer attached to the Office of the President in Region Six, Faizal Jaffarally and Dr. Mahadeo discussed a number of issues with media representatives at the regional boardroom.

Ambassador Marchante said that soon a gynaecologist would be sent to the New Amsterdam Hospital .

When students return to Guyana after studying in Cuba , they should become specialised in particular areas. Guyana lacks specialists in many areas of medicine. He was rich in praise for the Guyanese now studying in his country.

There are 12 Cuban doctors stationed in the Region at present. Come 2008, he noted, the first batch of doctors trained in Cuba is scheduled to return.

Currently there are some 719 Guyanese students studying in Cuba in the fields of medicine, agronomy engineering among others.