Human Services Ministry dissociates itself from “misguided” report on abuse of women

Kaieteur News
March 3, 2007

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The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, in a press release issued yesterday, dissociated itself from an article published in the February 24 edition of this newspaper captioned, “Women must protect themselves against abuse.”

The release categorically stated that the Ministry denounces violence in all its forms against women. “It is the Ministry's view that the perpetrators of such violence must be educated, counselled, and treated according to law whenever they violate the right of women to live a life free of violence and abuse,” the release pointed out.

It added that the Ministry believes that it is the duty of every Guyanese to do all that they can to ensure that the offence of violence against women is ultimately eliminated from our society.

“Any suggestion that women are somehow to blame for violence meted out against them is soundly rejected and condemned.”

It further noted that the Ministry pledges to work with all in Guyana to eliminate violence against women.

The article in question made reference to a young woman from the West Coast of Demerara who had supposedly disappeared after leaving her work place.

Concerned for her safety, the woman's parents reported the matter to the Police and the media in hopes of determining her whereabouts.

She subsequently turned up at the home of a male who is resident on the East Coast of Demerara. The man, reportedly, has since requested her hand in marriage.

An unnamed official in the said article had opined that the very act of disregarding the concerns of family and friends and venturing out without informing anyone could prove to be very detrimental for some women, as it places them in positions of susceptibility.

All officers of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security have since denied making any comment or remark to the media on this or any related issue.

The release, however, stated, “If indeed any officer of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security offered the views expressed in the article, the Ministry is of the view that that officer is misguided and in need of education.”

In light of this, the Ministry informed that it would soon host sensitisation exercises for its staff in the area of violence against women.