British firm training 329 locals to provide Stadium security for CWC
--exercise aimed at filling gaps in master plan

Kaieteur News
February 27, 2007

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Some 329 private security employees and police ranks yesterday began training on providing security at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, as Guyana seeks to fill the gaps in its national security strategy for ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007, scheduled to commence in 12 days.

Oriel Solutions CES/CTS, a British company which manages safety and security operations at many leading international cricket and football facilities, has been recruited to provide the training.

Company representative, Harry Legge-Bourke explained that the training will ensure the safety and security of players, match officials, tournament officials, spectators, sponsors, VIPs and all other stakeholders.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony, assured the gathering that with the training and subsequent exercises, the security aspect of the “jigsaw puzzle” for hosting the third largest sporting event, will be falling into place.

He said that an assessment was done of the security needs and certain gaps were identified.

“The training is essential to ensure that the gaps are covered,” Dr. Anthony stated.

The General Safety and Security Officers training programme is being held at the stadium, under the theme “Security at the heart of our operations.”

Dr. Anthony during his address sought to quell concerns about Guyana's security preparation for the mega-event.

“Those who might consider that we are not on top of the security will have to think again because we have not only our local people who will be here, but we have our international partners who will be here with us and they will help to ensure that we have good security on and off match days,” Dr. Anthony emphasised.

During the training session, which concludes on Thursday, participants will receive training on crowd control, preventing fire hazards, while at the same time maintaining an internationally acceptable level of hospitality.

Dr. Anthony said that for Guyana to be successful the designated parties will have to play as a team, since hundreds of individuals and companies are involved in the hosting of CWC.

Acting Commissioner of Police Henry Greene told participants that the entire country is depending on them to ensure the safety of persons entering the stadium.

He alluded to the fact that the police will still have to focus energies on the wider aspect of providing security at the national level and implored the need for private sector involvement in providing security during CWC.

“Cricket management is not new to us but stadium management is new to us. We never had a stadium before… I want to encourage you that the nation is looking at you to secure us, and that includes yourself. Stadium security is your job… our job, and we expect that every person coming in the stadium having looked at you, seen you operate, and had instructions from you, could be assured that their life and their period in the stadium is in safe hands,” Greene stressed.

The participants include Kalibur Investigative Security Services – 75; COPS Guyana Ltd. - 55; Sentinel Security Services – 16; Neal and Massy Security Services - 22; Strategic Security Services – 25; Safe Security Services - 41 and the Guyana Police Force - 95 ranks.

Greene expressed the hope that the training will mark the beginning of a new era in general security, locally.

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has contracted the services of Oriel Solutions to be the Security Training Provider for the event. The decision forms part of a tripartite arrangement between the nine Local Organising Committees, ICC CWC West Indies 2007 Inc. and CARICOM.

The region has put up US$2 million to provide security training in the region.

Dr. Anthony alluded that the Guyana Government and LOC have contributed more than US$150,000 and an additional G$3 million for meals and other amenities.

He added that government has assured that it has met all the requirements for CWC including investing $168 million to secure rooms at Buddy's International Hotel.

Dr. Anthony said that 20 other small hotels have prepared by extending their rooms and improving service, in addition to the bed and breakfast programme which has attracted over 2000 participants.

He also stated that while 350 volunteers are required for the event, Guyana has exceeded that amount by employing a further 1,000 persons to ensure that there is total efficiency.

Dr. Anthony indicated that on match days, there will be close to 2,000 persons working to ensure that the games are incident-free.