City vendors meet with Mayor

Kaieteur News
February 7, 2007

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A number of city vendors yesterday met with Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green to discuss an improvement to the insanitary conditions under which they operate.

At the meeting the Mayor urged vendors to come up with proper proposals to improve the immediate vicinity of the areas with an improved aesthetics.

Green said, “This is an sos that is related to (Cricket) World Cup…to maintain the aesthetics and the cleanliness of the area.”

He further posited that the goal can be met only if persons organise themselves.

A proposal which entails vending structures and limitations was put forward by the vendors. The Mayor assured that the proposal will be slated for consideration.

A documented register with the relevant information pertaining to vendors is also being compiled by the Council's public relations department so that they (vendors) will be able to benefit from any programmes launched by the Council.

Green said that as a result of visits made around the city, the Council identified several areas that were in an unacceptable state.

He acknowledged that his administration has had a problem with vendors for several years, but he recognised that the welfare of the individual must be considered.

The Mayor posited that rather than evict the vendors from the various sites, because of the declining standards, the Council will be working with them to help improve the conditions of the vending areas.

One such plan to alleviate the situation is the provision of a portable toilet to alleviate the situation.

Mayor Green revealed that the main objective to be tackled is the systematic arrangement of vending areas so that they will no longer present an ugly sight to the city or act as impediments to pedestrians.