Ethnic reference in CWC brochure unfortunate - Sports Minister
--Guyana awaits response from ICC to concerns

Kaieteur News
February 5, 2007

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Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Dr. Frank Anthony, has dispatched a letter to the International Cricket Council (ICC), seeking an explanation for the ethnic reference made to Guyana in what has been described as an advertising ploy for Cricket World Cup (CWC).

A brochure intended to advertise the venues for the upcoming event, stated that “with Guyana's distinct Indian heritage, you are sure to experience the fusion of West Indian and East Indian culture.”

Dr. Anthony told Kaieteur News that he became aware of the ethnic reference through letters that appeared in the media and described the episode as unfortunate.

He noted that the brochure was produced by ICC Jamaica, since they are responsible for the marketing of Cricket in the Caribbean.

“We had nothing to do with the brochure. They are responsible for marketing and they have produced a number of marketing brochures and posters, but something like this I would have been pleased if they had consulted us first,” Dr. Anthony said.

He stated that since the controversy erupted, he has forwarded the information to the ICC, including some of the letters that appeared in the media.

“We have asked them for an official response and I made it very clear to the officials that they have to be sensitive to our country and what is happening in Guyana…I would have been pleased if they would have consulted with us so that we could have made an input,” Dr. Anthony stated.

He said that as it relates to advertising, Guyana has to send information to the ICC to be vetted, but the ICC does not consult officials here before printing materials about Guyana.

Dr. Anthony stated that the matter was raised with the Head of CWC Communications during a visit here last week.

He said that after the ICC has responded, Guyana will be in a position to make the necessary request.