Atlantic Symphony is making a comeback for CWC

Kaieteur News
February 5, 2007

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Guyanese and visitors alike are likely to be delightfully entertained during Cricket World Cup (CWC) with the illustrious and legendary rhythms of the Chronicle Atlantic Steel and Brass Orchestra.

The renowned local band rose to meteoric fame in the 1970s and 1980s under the stewardship of talented musician, Mr Rudy Bishop, and became well known the world over. However, the phenomenal band lost its illustrious vitality following the migration of some members and its subsequent dissolution.

But with the approaching CWC, plans are in the pipeline to resuscitate the band to add to Guyana 's hosting of CWC, according to Mr Brian Allen.

Allen, who will be the designated leader of the revitalised band, stated that the idea to resuscitate the band was embedded in the belief that residents, visitors and returning nationals alike will be looking forward to feasting on top class cricket and the traditional Caribbean parties and other musical events. Allen noted that a few of the original band members remaining in Guyana made the decision to regroup and restart the band with the blessing of Mr Bishop.

The band will be revived in its original home, the Campbellville Community Centre, according to Allen.

The orchestra is expected to be engaged in performances for the period of the mega cricket event and Allen notes that persons are currently being recruited as pan players, percussionists and horn players.

Practice sessions, he noted, will begin in earnest very shortly and interested persons including novices are encouraged to attend an important briefing at the community centre today.