Safety comes first for CWC

Kaieteur News
January 31, 2007

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With 39 days to go before what is touted to be the biggest event in Guyana's history the Local Organising Committee (LOC) is working to ensure that everyone attending Cricket World Cup (CWC) matches is out of harm's way and can enjoy the experience in the most comfortable surroundings.

This is why the LOC has published a list of Prohibited and Restricted Items (P&R) for the Event and the public is being urged to take note.

“Thousands of cricket fans are expected at each match and it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure maximum safety,” said a senior LOC official.

This will not in any way detract from the traditional party atmosphere of the cricket matches.

These measures are aimed at enhancing the atmosphere because spectators will appreciate that they are in a secure venue and can feel free to enjoy the event without any fear.

As such the following items will be strictly prohibited except where officially authorized: Firearms, knives, dangerous and imitation weapons, explosives, incendiary devices, fireworks and flares, alcohol, illegal drugs or narcotics, cans, tins, or plastic bottles of any size or description, other than insect repellent or sun screen, mace or pepper spray, megaphones, compressed air or gas-operated horns and flag poles

Some of the other restrictions for the tournament are against items such as coolers; while permitted, there are restrictions pertaining to size and they must be collapsible.

Musical instruments and items of cultural expression – such as conch shells and shak-shaks, aerosol cans, other than those containing deodorant, prescription medication or insect repellent and guide-dogs will be permitted

Bands and musical instruments will be allowed only with written permission from the Local Organising Committee.

Banners and flags are permitted only up to a maximum size of 1.5 x 1m (5' x 3') provided that, in the opinion of LOC, they are not vulgar, political, racial, discriminatory, sexual in nature, or display advertising which may in any way impinge or will be in conflict with the rights of the partners/sponsors/suppliers/vendors of the event (in any language) or deemed to be offensive to other spectators.

Radios are not permitted other than small transistors with ear or headphones.

Only collapsible personal umbrellas will be permitted.

• Also, any other items or substances that may be deemed to be offensive, disruptive, dangerous or likely to infringe any party's rights or any party's safety or security or any dangerous article or substance not referred to above.