Police presence likely on the streets until World Cup

Kaieteur News
January 17, 2007

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The Guyana Police Force is expected to maintain a heightened patrol presence in and around the city, despite the end of their Christmas security campaign.

The campaign, which began on November 15, last year, was officially expected to be scaled down on Monday, but there is still a heavy Police presence at strategic areas in the main shopping areas.

The Christmas campaign, which saw the Force increase the number of ranks on the roads, is being hailed as a tremendous success, having kept criminal activity in the city to an unprecedented minimum within recent years.

According to initial figures, there was only one reported murder in the city, and this occurred on November 28, when 56-year-old businesswoman Ashmini Doodnauth was shot dead outside her Pike Street , Kitty home.

During the period, there was a significant decline in reports of armed robberies, and except for a few carjackings, criminal activity was kept under control.

The highly visible armed Police foot patrols played a significant part in keeping the peace, as well as the increased vehicular patrols that flooded city streets during the holiday season.

According to a senior Police official, in light of the success of the campaign, the Force may look at extending it, especially since Guyana will host the major Rio Summit next month.

This is despite the strain being put on other departments of the Force to maintain the heavy Police presence on the road.

To facilitate the campaign, several desk ranks were deployed to supplement those who were on beat duty.

The officer stated that there is the possibility that the campaign could run until after Cricket World Cup, which commences in the West Indies in late March.