CWC Volunteer Training Programme concludes
By Alex Holder
Kaieteur News
January 16, 2007

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Sunday marked the close of the theoretical aspect of the training programme for the CWC VIBES volunteers at the Queens College auditorium.

Some volunteers told Kaieteur Sport that the two day training programme focused on general work ethics, it was also noted that though there were some concerns on the massive content and the short time span in which they had to learn, the material was nevertheless understood and informative.

Trainees further noted that the sessions were exciting. They were urged to make full use of whatever free time they would have towards properly understanding their manuals.

The volunteer programme has been titled CWC VIBES an acronym that spells Cricket World Cup Volunteers who are Intelligent Bold, bright Enthusiastic and Sensational, and the participants were informed that several benefits will be afforded to them based on their participation on a volunteer level in the event including the experience of simply participating in the historic event.

By participating in the 2 day training the volunteers were then able to be effectively evaluated and placed in relevant positions in the CWC VIBES team. The training for the CWC VIBES begun on Saturday and the 16 hour training programme is expected to play a very significant role in delivering world-class service to the thousands of cricket fans who are expected to flock the region to enjoy the thrill of the International Cricket Counsel's (ICC) flagship event.

The Hon. Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony along with the CEO of CWC LOC here in Guyana Karan Singh, were both unable to deliver their closing remarks to the volunteers due to unforeseen circumstances. The trainers however noted that the level of participation in the training sessions was at an excellent level and positive feed backs were received at the close.

Working volunteers will receive letters from the Guyana World Cup Inc. requesting the relevant time off from work so as to participate in the mega event scheduled for March 28 to April 9 here. The training programme has further been endorsed by the Caribbean Association of National Training Agencies (CANTA), which lends weight and credence to the training process.

The VIBES Coordinator/CWC Master Trainer Sabrina Panday delivered the closing remarks to the volunteers and urged them to make every effort to effectively execute their duties as volunteers because they would have personal interactions with the thousands of spectators expected to these shores during the staging of the cricket world cup.

CWC VIBES involves the communities in the (9) nine Host Countries by offering them an opportunity to become active participants. In all, over 4300 volunteers will participate in the mega event, contributing to its success in several ways, from delivering professional services, like doctors and paramedics, to meeting and greeting fans at the airports, working with VIP's, ushering spectators to their seats and assisting with the media.